The 4 Seasons of Marriage Men’s Life Change Group

The 4 Seasons of Marriage Men’s Life Change Group

4 seasons of marriage life change group

Are you looking for an opportunity to strengthen your marriage while growing spiritually as a husband?

Marriage is one of the greatest and most rewarding commitments that we can ever make. Having a meaningful and purposeful marriage means investing in your relationship.

If you’re married and live in the Raleigh area, this life change group is an opportunity for you to improve your game as a husband and take your marriage to the next level.

This life change group is for married men who are committed to improving their marriage. This group is limited to seven people.

This group will meet for seven weeks on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 am (EST) beginning Wednesday, April 12 through Wednesday, May 24.

Learn how to identify which season your marriage is in and practical strategies for improving your marriage. Curriculum for this life change group is The 4 Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman.

This group will meet at 7:00 am at Chic-fil-a at Cameron Village in Raleigh. Meetings will last for about an hour.

Other than the cost of the book and maybe breakfast or coffee, this group is totally free.

Apply Now
If you would like to make an investment in your marriage in a small group setting, simply complete and submit the application form below. Applicants are accepted based on their interest, commitment, goals, and compatibility with others who apply. To maximize effectiveness, this group is limited to seven people. Registration will close on or before Sunday, April 1. (Your information is kept confidential and will not be shared.) You can learn more about the purpose of Life Change Groups here.

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