My Top 7 Favorite Financial Blogs for 2017

This week I have been on vacation and decided to commit a fair amount of my time to reviewing my family’s personal financial plan. One of the things that I have realized this week is that there are a handful of blogs that I frequently go to for inspiration and when I have specific questions about financial planning.

Maybe you are planning to review your financial plan sometime soon and would like a head start, or maybe you need a little inspiration getting started?!

Whichever is the case for you, here are my top seven favorite financial blogs for 2017 plus a few extras.

1. Nerd Wallet
Looking for reviews on credit cards, bank accounts or just about anything else? Nerd Wallet offers up-to-date reviews of just about everything related to personal finance.

2. Radical Personal Finance
Okay, so Radical Personal Finance is actually more of a podcast than a blog, but it’s still one of my favorites. Joshua Sheats offers some of the most intellectual and insightful information of personal finance that you’ll find anywhere. 

3. Good Financial Cents
Jeff Rose is absolutely killing it on He offers real, practical, helpful advice (as a CFP should) for anyone who wants to stay on top of their personal finances. 

4. Mr. Money Mustache
Okay, as the name suggests, this guy is out there, but out there in a good way. Mr. Mustache retired either in his twenties or thirties and is one of my favorite sources for challenging the status quo and financial inspiration. 

5. Our Freaking Budget
The subtitle of this blog is “personal finance for normal-ish people,” and that’s exactly what it is. If you’re like me and lead a pretty “normal-ish” life, you’ll probably find this blog to be very helpful.  

6. The Motley Fool
The Motley Fool is another great blog for researching specific personal finance topics. I also like this blog because they offer current reviews and practical tips.  

7. Investopedia
Okay, so this is more like a news site, but it’s also a blog because they have a lot of people writing for them. I mostly use this blog when I want to compare financial products or just understand how specific financial products work.  

Here are some other blogs and websites that I have found helpful in the past.

Dave Ramsey

Get Rich Slowly 

Wise Bread 

Money Crashers 

Christian Personal Finance

After reading a lot of articles this week, there were a few that were really helpful for me that I thought I would pass along. 

10 Retirement Stats Every Baby Boomer Should Know

8 Money Mistakes the Middle Class Keeps Making

The Overlooked Benefits of Roth Investment Accounts

The Triple Tax Benefit of Health Savings Accounts

Lastly, here are two additional resources that I have found very useful for financial planning.

First, one of the most helpful books that I have read in a while about personal finances is The 5 Years Before You Retire. Let’s be clear; I’m not even close to retirement! But, I would rather start planning now than not have a plan later. 

The second resource that I have found to be very helpful with budgeting and expense planning is It’s hard to believe it’s totally free.

What about you? Are there blogs that you go to for planning your personal finances? What about other online resources for budgeting or tracking expenses? Be sure to leave a comment down below and share your advice and resources.


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