8 Tips for Planning the Second Half of Life

Whether you are approaching the second half of life or already there, it’s helpful to have wisdom and insight from someone who is already there or who can show us the way.

Barbara Babkirk, Master Career Counselor, does just that. Here are her 8 tips for planning the second half of life.

1. Acknowledge and be curious about this significant phase of life.

Slow down your pace, and pay attention to what is happening within you — emotionally and physically. Action step: Invite stillness and reflection, keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings, meditate, take yoga or do something different that will balance the “doing” in your life.

2. Make an effort to live in the present moment.

Attempt one activity at a time and be mindful of your actions at any given moment. Action step: Give up multi-tasking for a few hours, then extend it to half a day, then a day. Notice the difference it makes.

3. Learn to manage your fears.

Focus on what you desire, rather than what you fear might happen. Action step: Be conscious of your breathing; it will help you release your fear. Stop conjuring up stories of worst-case scenarios, and instead focus on the outcome you want.

4. Develop your intuition and creativity.

Acknowledge and make time for your creative self in any form that appeals to you. Action step: Engage in specific activities that nurture your intuition and self-expression.

5. Identify what is most important in your life and begin to live your life accordingly.

Be willing to recognize where your life is out of sync with your priorities. Action step: Pick one area that needs realignment, and take action on it. 

6. Get in touch with your deepest longings.

Give yourself permission to name your desires or recreate a dream. Action step: Keep a dream journal; note what you would regret not having done in your lifetime.

7. Establish a supportive community.

Seek out and accept support from others. Action step: Identify those people who contribute to your growth and those who hinder it. Be with those who encourage you.

8. Express your gratitude daily.

Act as if you knew that gratitude was the most transformative force in the universe. Action step: Be aware of the abundance in your life and give thanks as a daily practice. 

What tips would you add to this list?

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